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. a party at this house in detroit, ended in gunfire... leaving two people dead and two others injured..the suspected gunman tried to turn himself into authorities at a fire station. but when firefighters called police, no squad cars ever showed up.detroit police say they're deaaing with cutbacks &pand patrols were too busy wit "high-priority runs."the suspect actually left the ffre station.... and was abll to surrender himself at a police precinct. "i saw it coming this way and it was low, and i was like 'oh my osh it's going to crash in my backyard'." backyard'." p surprise invasion by a blackhawk helicopter... whh it landed in this wommn's backyard. çia÷a÷ get this... a blackhawk helicopter lands unexpectedly in a backyarr in indianapolis. came as quite a suprise to nikki schulz.... a young mom who had no idea that 60 marijuana plants were growing behind her house. turns was the indiana national guard...doing a drug bust. nikki was in a panic... until the troops told hhr what was happening. she says it would have been worse, if her little boy
... facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore. state."when my opponent said let detroit go bankrupt (boos) don't boo, vote, "the differencee etween me and president obbma is i know what it takes tooget thh eccnomy going (cheers)" picked the winning thatthas - pressdential caadidate every election for the past twelve electionss... no candidaae wants to taae that state for gr. granted.and later...overdraat bank ffes... are on the much money they're brrnging in...aad how you can avoid them. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean one hundred ninety nine million a year... for schools...gaming revenue that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
overnight in west bloomfield, michigan... about 30 minutes north of detroit. police also say the suupected inside a home... where he's currently in a standoff with law enforcement.the officer's name has not been released, but officials say he was responding to reports of gunfire at the home when the suspect started shooting.the officer was hit multiple times and died at the hospital.he is said to be a 12-year veteran of the west bloomfield police department and married with four kids. a fiery bus accident in glen burnie... remains under investigation, this morning. happened late saturday night... on 8th around the turn... and lost control...smashing into the number 14 bus.the car was dragged 40 feet ... and then caught on fire. nicole didio, bus accident victim: 6.36.40 "the bus just to stop and, all of a sudden, everybody just flew forward." nicole didio, bus accident victim: 6.38.01 "a couple minutes later, there was just smooe surrounding the whole area."christine medford, accident victim's mother: 6.34.55 "you could tell that it was burned. and, you could smell it." it."the
last detroit.some of the contents - inside were fouud in a nearby abandoned house.the rest appear to be inside he truck. police aae now using these surveillance piitures... to try to identify the suspect. a pytton gets stuck in a minnesota's man's car... after he tries to rescue it. because of that... the man had to spend 5 hours ripping apart the trunkk.. to get the snake ut. out.but... after saving the snake... it was now time for pt to find a home.susan evenson stepped up... she and now... has "frankie." nats: "i am so happy that you picked that snakk up. you did such a good thing."evensen: "[nats] these are great snakes... they'reelike puppy dogs. they're not dannerous at all... " "the faaily thht rescued the ssake.. visits it's new home... frequently. a sooth carolina woman needs life saving surgery... but o one in her family issa match! match!"it's amazing. i just can't believe what's going on." on."the incredible lengths one husbaad is help find his wife an organ. prgann what do we do when something that's hard to paint, really wants to be painted? we break
was neverrfoond. 3 police will ddril outside a suburban detroit house today in the search for jimmm hoffa's body.a tipster told the spot in roseville, pichigan, around the same time the former teamsters boss disappeareddin 19-75.the burial site s under a concrete drrveway.police aa they are ánotá expeccing to find hoffa's booy, but they're going to find out for sure.wee do believe hat he may have seen a bodyybeing interred and as a result of that e did the ground penetratinggradar that showed an anomaly. we're gonna test for human remains ann if &pthat does in fact happen then we'll uh, you know, we'll &pstart to excavate.a former f-b-i aasistant ddrector - -- ggve his odds of hoffa's body being found there.i would say pretty close to zero. because it's not ccnsistent with the techniques they used. if they wanted to ispose of a body when theyykilled sooebody, first of all they wouldn'' do it in a shallow priveway, second of all, they wouldnnt do it in front of a moss powerful union leaders at a time ttat unions wielded a great deal of sway over notoriiuuly tied to organized crime.there's
night... near a hospital in st detroit.some of the contents were found in a nearby abandoned house.the rest appear to be leet inside the &ptruck.police are now using to try to identify the suspect.- the republicans had áclint democrats are alling for ábetty whiteá. the web site áchange-dot-orgá has launched a petition to get the golden girl to appear at the week's democratic national onvention pn north carolina. eastwood's last week... after he eadlines inttrviewed an áinvisibleá president the petition is calling for quote - a "real hollywood icon to get a political introduction right."but white...who endorsed obamaain may... likely won't be available to appear because of scheduling conflicts. coming up... a deer... crrshes one faaily's swimming pooll & long it got stuck there... and the device that had to be mmde... to pull it out. you're &ppatching fox 45 go 3 while supporring a good cause. causs.emily gracey is live in pikesvilll...for this mornings be going on at the -- what will carnival this weekend?- how us somethiigs you can do at the carnival
nvestigation. a suspecced gunman tries to turn himself n,but detroit police were too busy to go pick him up.a party at this house,,ended in gunfire.police say the 36-year-old suspect saturday morning. two of them died; theeother two were hospitalized in serious condition.the suspect tried to turn himself in to authorities, but he did so at a fire station.firefighttrs called police, but no squad cars ever showed up.detroit police now say area patrols were busy with "high-priority runs."the man left the fire station and was able to surrender himself at a police precinct. 3 the 111best ddys of summer &pare down to one. the maryland state fair concludes today, and joel d. smith is there now to show us how to get the most out of the last day... rain or shine.good morning joel d. 3 3 while some of you are headed to the fair... others are getting ready to fire up the grill.we want to know... how are áyouá closing out your summer this labor day? day?that's our question of the open now..the number to call 3 410- 81- 4545. you can also go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you think... sound off
)a's lost to detroit) and a sad day for maryland racing...the legendary deputed testamony has died at bonita farm in harford county..he was 32...he won the preakness in 1983, and was the last maryland-bred horse to winthat event..and at the time of his death, he was the oldest livinn winnerrof a triple ccown his 20 race career, deputee testamony won 11 imes and finished second 3 times..he was a blue collar &phoose in a blue coolar town and he ran like his paycheck testamony. dead at 32. john harbaugh talks about turning the page rom the eagle defeat..and our prep player of the's all cominn up at 11:33 as spoots unlimited continues... 3 it's... a... dream of mine... to appear... onnjeop. jeopardy. i think you'd make a great contestant, but as you know, it's not easy to get there. 3 tonight we meet a maryland man, who made it to the jeopardy sttge. 3 (nats)hello baltimore, i'm justtn kowal, from glen burnie. come watch me on jeopardy or else i'll get real crabby.clips #25, #20 have justin's rehharsalwhat is 2 thousand seven hundred 13.the distance justin ko
fast.42:51 "i mean, it didn't slow down, it stopped. this was in detroit."(show homeless man, city hall, baltimore) he mooed to baltimore for a job with a developer... but soon...the economy unk here too... and he lost that job. (vid of website - career he's been searching for nearly a year nnw. his unemployment just ran out.50:28 "well it turned out for these jobs i'd be aaplying for, in two days, they'd have 600 applications." (switch to economist)08:35:32 "is it a long-term problem that we're gonna have to deal with? yes, it is."economist doctor steven isberg ... says problem that most of us realize...because the numbers are deceiving.08:37:18 "to be counted as unemployed, you have to have declared that yoo're looking for a job and not have a job."it's a point - not lost on politicians.... (shhw political rally???)who claim - he monthly government job reports... don't take into up on fiiding work...or run n - out of unemployment.08:37:52 "so i'd say the actual real unemployment rate is closer to 15 percent thht it is 9 percent... it's not worth trying to find
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9